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Why iOS makes more money for Google than Android does

'The economics of Android are nothing like the economics of iOS'

Android will be developers’ favourite this year: Report

iOS about to to be overtaken as the development environment of choice, says Ovum, which also sees interest in Windows Mobile

iPhone 4S already 2nd most used cameraphone on Flickr

But it's still not as popular as the iPhone 4, though

Fake iPads from China ‘flood the market’

Retail websites - often in China - have started stocking knock-off iPads in the run-up to Christmas

Apple’s iPhone 5 ‘goes into production,’ report says

Industry sources say Apple has ordered 15 million units, the first of which will be shipped in September

More dangerous Mac Defender variant emerges

According to experts at security firm Intego, MacGuard is more dangerous than Mac Defender as it doesn't require an administrator password to install. The aim of the malware is to persuade victims to hand over their credit card details

Apple’s iPad 2 ‘delayed until June,’ analyst says

A new report claims that production bottlenecks have delayed next-generation tablet

Steve Jobs to meet President Obama

A meeting between Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Eric Schmidt will take place in San Francisco on Feb. 24rn

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