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Linux distributors, open source developers warned to update Ghostscript

The vulnerability in the Postscript interpreter could also affect Windows and other operating systems

Tech leaders team up to improve predictability in open source licensing

Red Hat, Inc., Facebook, Inc., Google, and IBM are joining forces to help alleviate open source license issues, including compliance errors and mistakes.

Linux needs interoperability, security: Experts

The open source software holds the gateway to IoT, but some experts have concerns about interoperability and security

Linux kernel development going corporate: Survey

According to the latest survey released this week by the Linux Foundation, the top six companies contributing to the kernel were Intel, Red hat, the Linaro Group, Samsung and Suse

Mozilla partnership makes Seneca ‘Canada

The Toronto college has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the world

Microsoft shares trade secrets of Windows, Office

Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzie and others discuss an appeal to European regulators, the open source commnunity and developers by offering thousands of pages of information on its high-volume software free of charge

Linux row boils over to MySQL, other projects

A looming deadline following a dispute between two prominent open-source developers has forced database vendor MySQL AB to consider a change to the way it develops its software, and will also force scores of other open-source projects to consider a similar move within the month.

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