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Microsoft opens up to open source with SQL Server for Linux

The announcement marks the first time the Redmond, Wash.-based vendor has featured SQL Server on a platform that’s not Windows-based

MySQL exec said to expect GPL, improvements

Oracle also eyes Windows focus and LAMP stack accommodations, but will be more tight-lipped about products, said a vice-president of the MySQL community in Munich

Should MySQL users stay or go?

Some say the Oracle-Sun Microsystems deal will be the ruin of MySQL, while others say it could be a boost for the open-source database. Find out what SQL provider stands to benefit should MySQL users jump ship

Open source users assess Sun update of MySQL

In its first release since taking over the non-proprietary database firm, Sun Microsystems focuses on scalability and faster performance. Canadian experts discuss whether it still deserves to be the "m" in LAMP

MySQL to unveil new transaction engine

MySQL AB unveiled a new transaction database engine at its Santa Clara, Calif. user conference this month. The open-source database vendor will also be showcasing database engines from third parties, said Zach Urlocker, vice-president of marketing at MySQL.

MySQL, Oracle sign multiyear deal on InnoDB

MySQL AB has signed a multiyear agreement with Oracle Corp. to renew its licensing of the InnoDB database storage engine, according to a MySQL executive. The move resolves confusion in the market about the likely effect on MySQL of Oracle's purchase last year of the maker of InnoDB, Innobase OY.

MySQL buys small firm, bigwig

Open-source database company My SQL AB has acquired a small Web application technology company and in the process hired its founder, Jim Starkey, a noted database software architect, MySQL announced.

MySQL buys Alzato

In a bid to make its open source database more scalable and available, MySQL AB on Tuesday acquired Alzato, maker of the NDB Cluster

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