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Porter Airlines Web booking back to normal

A glitch in the systems of  an international airline reservation service provider caused the cancellation of flights by a Canadian carrier and some in the U.S. The problem...

Microsoft updates CRM Online service

Microsoft's updated Dynamics CRM Online product provides users Internet marketing capabilities, like search engine campaigns and sales leads capture

Hardware fault led to extension of tax filing deadline by HMRC

HMRC extended the January 31 deadline due to a hardware problem that affected nearly 15,000 people attempting to submit online tax returns.

Emusic blows the fine print

I've been observing a skirmish between a group of subscribers to the online music service Inc. and the service's management.

E-Government takes hold, but still a long way to go

While online service delivery has become a higher priority on the political agenda of many governments there is still a long road ahead before the journey toward more mature online government service delivery is complete, says one columnist.

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