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Novell antitrust case against Microsoft dismissed

A jury could have found Microsoft engaged in 'aggressive conduct' in trying to maintain a monopoly on its OS, said judge, but not anything illegal

Microsoft to ask for dismissal of Novell lawsuit

Following a hung jury in the US$1.3 billion action over Windows 95, a judge will be asked next month to dismiss the case

Novell will shut down Vibe Cloud collaboration suite

After it gets taken offline at the end of September, its features and functionality will be fused into the on-premise version of the suite over the next 12 to 18 months

Novell steps up to managing enterprise Linux servers

The new software, SUSE Manager, is very much focused on Linux. While Red Hat Enterprise Linux is covered, SUSE Manager is best integrated with Novell

YEAR IN REVIEW: November 2010

This month saw Novell get bought by a relatively unknown tech firm from Seattle, Apple discontinuing its Xserve product line, and a slew of Toronto-based tech events. Plus, the Industry Minister gives an update on the Canada

The single greatest career move in IT history

Chances are no one has heard Eric Schmidt muttering under his breath, "Dang, I could have worked at Attachmate." Looking back on one of the most extraordinary hires ever made

Attachmate to retain Novell Unix copyrights

Settling a rampage of rumors, Novell clarifies that Attachmate, not Microsoft, will own Unix copyright


BLOGOSPHERE Industry watchers argue that Novell

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