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Novell steps up to managing enterprise Linux servers

The new software, SUSE Manager, is very much focused on Linux. While Red Hat Enterprise Linux is covered, SUSE Manager is best integrated with Novell

How GM saved a billion dollars

General Motors Corp.'s (GM) IT group has undergone a thorough transformation in the last eight years, one that has seen the company knock more than a billion dollars off its annual IT budget of US$4 billion.

HP tool combines management functions

In an effort to give IT managers a more complete view of their enterprise networks, Hewlett-Packard Co. earlier this month combined its operations and performance management tools, and added new automated functions into the mix.

Managers target of new service

You've heard of application service providers (ASPs). Now get ready for a wave of management service providers.Strategies...

Network chip makers unite

In a few years, network gear will be built a lot differently than it is today, according ...

Support grows for Jumbo Frames

Momentum continues to build for Jumbo Frames, as a standards body and vendors begin to endorse this nonstandard technique for transferring large amounts of data over gigabit Ethernet.

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