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Lobbying hits new records amidst discussions about AI

The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) lobbying underwent a dramatic transformation in 2023, witnessing an unprecedented surge in activity.

Vancouver-based company selected for NIST’s post-quantum cryptography standardization process

BTQ Technologies, a Vancouver-based global quantum technology company, has announced that its post-quantum cryptography scheme, Preon, has been selected by the U.S. National Institute...

Hashtag Trending Apr.28th-Governments struggle to control AI, Mixed signals from the tech industry, Employee so productive with AI, takes up two jobs

Governments struggle to regulate AI, Mixed signals continue with regard to optimism or pessimism in tech spending and Artificial Intelligence is making some employees...

Use these phishing-resistant authenticators, says NIST

ID cards and USB keys should be used for accessing sensitive data, or by those with elevated privleges. Read why

NIST names first four quantum-resistant encryption tools

Algorithms will eventually be included in applications to prevent encryption from being cracked by quantum computers

Researchers help organizations understand how available security capabilities can be used to defend against threats

The Center for Threat Informed Defence issues its first report. listing 13 projects for cybersecurity teams to leverage

Deadline looms for PCI 3.0 requirements

Best practice requirements to become mandatory

The NIST cloud computing program

Standards will go a long way to making cloud computing ubiquitous, trustworthy and reliable

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