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ERP software runs the gamut of customer happiness

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software covers a lot of territory, which explains the number of products available to perform its functions., a division...

Improving the Point of Sale experience for customers

When Moneris Solutions headed to San Jose for NetSuite Inc.’s global SuiteWorld conference in May, it could’ve just promoted its cloud payment API solution with a mocked up version in a booth. But it went a step further.

Oracle buys cloud vendor NetSuite for US$9.3 billion

Netsuite provides Oracle customers with an integrated cloud ERP, CRM, and commerce suite, according to an industry analyst

NetSuite branches into billing and payment space with new cloud offerings

At its SuiteWorld conference, NetSuite announced a new billing cloud software product and updates to its OneWorld platform enabling more payments capabilities.

NetSuite acquires cloud-based manufacturing software firm IQity

Merger enables cloud-based business software firm to extend solutions for discrete and batch manufacturers

ERP landscape in transition as data security keeps some deployments on-premise

NetSuite's updates to OneWorld recognize enterprise's multi-jurisdiction requirements as all vendors look to give customers modular deployment options for specific lines of business.

Why social businesses need marketing-savvy CIOs

Forget about traditional notions of B2B or B2C. Today's market is based on people-to-people, experts at a recent conference said. And it will change the demands placed on IT leaders everywhere

Making Sense of a Tangled CRM Field

Since Salesforce, competitors are everywhere -- and worth comparing and contrasting

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