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Could data scientist be your next job?

If you have the right skills, you could find your niche in this growing, and lucrative field

Making Sense of a Tangled CRM Field

Since Salesforce, competitors are everywhere -- and worth comparing and contrasting

SaaS ERP Revs Up Auto Parts Supplier

Inteva Products LLC, an auto parts supplier in Michigan, has found success with Plex System's Plex Online Cloud ERP service

Virtualization: How to avoid server overload

Virtualization vendors may still be touting the potential of putting 20, 50, or even 100 virtual machines on a single physical machine, but IT managers and industry experts say those ratios are dangerous in production environments

Embedded with a data leak audit team

A data leak team discovers more than 700 leaks of critical information, such as Social Security numbers, pricing, financial information and other sensitive data and 11,000 other potential leaks at a Boston-based pharmaceutical firm

Data centre execs harder to find, says survey

Companies are facing increasing difficulty in their efforts to find qualified data centre managers, since the required skills have expanded beyond IT expertise to a mix of IT, facilities and security management abilities.


There's one fortunate thing about Microsoft Vista, early adopters are vocal.

Battle of the ages rages in IT shops

Many CIOs are reportedly turning away from older workers in favor of twenty-somethings, causing a battle of the ages in IT.

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