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Microsoft makes open source commitment with new partnerships involving Google, Linux, Samsung

Microsoft has been slowly opening up its coding platforms, but seeing it as an influencer of the Linux OS is still hard for some to fathom.

Microsoft previews new Visual Studio and .Net

The next version of Visual Studio will officially be called Visual Studio 2012

.Net gets thumbs-up, Ruby on Rails thumbs-down

An Evans Data survey asks developers about ease of use and other attributes, but Rails founder David Heinemeier Hansson pans the findings

Vendors ally with Microsoft at Voicecon

At Voicecon's opening Monday in Orlando, vendors are poised to push unified communications and Microsoft is stepping into the spotlight by announcing alliances with other vendors whose gear interoperates with Microsoft Office Communications Server. Find out the specifics

Rising demand for SQL, Linux skills

Four skill areas that have seen a growing trend in demand are SQL, C#, .NET and Linux. Other stats: number of people looking for IT jobs jumps 42 percent in Q4 2009

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 developer tools

One of the keys to success for any mobile OS is the strength of its application development community. Find out how Microsoft plans to woo mobile app makers with its newly announced Windows Phone 7 Series development platform

Novell Mono project brings .Net development to Android

MonoDroid will allow for .Net apps on Google Android devices. Mono developers are also readying a version of Silverlight for Apple's iPhone

Microsoft releases MVC upgrade for building Web apps

ASP.Net MVC 2 provides improved Visual Studio tooling support, strongly typed HTML helpers, and enhanced model validation support

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