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Micron releases 7400 NVMe enterprise SSDs

Micron's new 7400 enterprise SSDs come in seven form factors.

Micron’s 176-layer mobile storage chip enters volume production

Micron's 176-layer UFS 3.1 mobile flash memory chip is 75 per cent faster in sequential writes and 70 per cent faster in random reads than the previous generation.

Micron’s uMCP5 with LPDDR5 is ready for mass production

Micron's tiny storage and DRAM combo can bring higher performance while saving space and power.

SK Hynix acquires Intel NAND flash memory division for $9 billion

SK Hynix buys Intel's last NAND fab in China.

Network storage gets faster, bigger with 3D NAND

A fundamental shift is happening in hardware. The shift from good old, reliable DRAM (DDR3) towards DDR4 and 3D NAND is happening on the...

2012: Storage becomes a celebrity

Smarter storage can be tailored to the application it's serving

5 technologies most likely to make a splash in 2007

We began to look at core technologies that may have the greatest effect on the world of computing over the next 12 months. The result is the following list of five emerging technologies with groundbreaking potential -- this year as well as in the future.

Memory prices fall

It's about that time of year again when users who need IT products with heavy memory chip content should stand by for bargains. Prices of the NAND flash memory chips used to store data in gadgets ranging from digital cameras to MP3 players, as well as DRAM (dynamic RAM), which store data temporarily and play a large role in the speed of a PC, are falling.

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