Articles Related to Multimedia

Malaysian e-government wins star ratings

Using criteria established by BU, assessment program increases quality of government portals and Web sites

Fortinet isolates mobile worm

A quirky infection sends itself to numbers harvested from the victim's contact book, and to customers of a Chinese mobile phone operator.

Nortel, Cisco enhance conferencing products

The Canadian network equipment maker releases Multimedia Conferencing 5.0 while its biggest rival extends its TelePresence product line to run between organizations

Apple announces Web 2.0-style features of its new server

Apple announced recently features of its new Mac OS X Server 10.5 (code-named Leopard), which, while filled with consumer-friendly add-ons, has the potential to break out of its small business niche, experts suggested.

Gates to link Zune to Xbox, PCs

Microsoft plans to extend the wireless capability of its new Zune devices to PCs and the company's Xbox 360 game console, according to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

More VoIP options for Eastern Ontario

Businesses in Ottawa and eastern Ontario have another option for voice over IP (VoIP) now that the u-telco Telecom Ottawa has entered the market.

WebEx, Genesys enhance conferencing services

Two Web conferencing service providers, WebEx Communications Inc. and Genesys SA, separately are updating their applications to offer more features.

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