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Malaysia Airlines strengthens security

Using a utility model, the airline will save upfront costs on software, hardware and professional services

Global security experts to meet in Malaysia

There is a 'dire need' for governments and corporations to work together to safeguard information, says conference host

Malaysian company to market Alcatel-Lucent WiMAX devices

Deal is said to be the first international offering of comprehensive lineup of WiMAX equipment...

New tech tool for the blind released in Malaysia

Option lets visually impaired save in an XML format so the screen readers or speech synthethisers they use can handle complex page layouts

Search engine with 80 per cent accuracy is in the works

Q&A search engine is one of 14 next-generation Internet projects proposed by Singapore researchers.

Malaysian e-government wins star ratings

Using criteria established by BU, assessment program increases quality of government portals and Web sites

Intel looks to increase Malaysia’s broadband usage

At the end of 2007 Malaysia had a broadband household penetration of 15.5 per cent. Intel wants to raise that to 50 per cent by 2010 in part through the spread of WiMAX

Integrated wireless community debuts in Malaysia

A developer is extending its WiFi coverage over a township of 30,000 people to include WiMAX broadband service

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