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August 2014 in review: Wind lifts subscriber numbers

Wind Mobile reports growing subscriber base and IBM opens a SoftLayer data centre in Toronto

UK base stations not required to have backup power

Backup is recommended but not mandated by government

Dubai mobile phone vendor to bypass carriers

Although carriers dominate the North American handset business, a few device makers are starting to take matters into their own hands.

Make wireless Internet available to all, urges FCC

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin wants wireless Internet access to be included in efforts to ensure universal communications for all U.S. residents.

DiVitas targets mobile, WiFi dual-mode devices

A startup is giving enterprises a way to roll out one phone for use inside and outside the office without a mobile operator's help. DiVitas Networks is aiming its Mobile Convergence Appliance (MCA) and Mobile Convergence Client (MCC) at organizations that want to free employees from their desks while maintaining control of their IT infrastructure and not being tied down to one carrier.

Spend universal service funds says GSMA

Governments around the world are holding on to billions of dollars collected for their universal service funds that should be spent to build out telecommunications networks, an industry group said Tuesday, calling for the funds to be eliminated over the long term.

Aggressive mobile worm uses alarming new tricks

A new variant of an aggressive Russian mobile worm uses some alarming new tricks. Like its earlier relatives, Commwarrior.Q will jump onto another phone using a short-range Bluetooth wireless connection. But the worm has new traits that make it particularly aggressive and it appears to be one of the most complex pieces of mobile malware created to date.

Study finds that EC roaming plan will raise local rates

A European Commission proposal aimed at lowering mobile international roaming costs will lead to higher local calling charges for some, a consulting company hired by a group representing mobile operators said on Thursday.

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