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Intel 13th-gen ‘Raptor Lake’ processors to support Wi-Fi sensing

An Intel spokesperson told IT World Canada that Intel’s upcoming 13th-generation "Raptor Lake" platform will support Wi-Fi sensing. “This is the first time we’re going...

The power of two: Apple’s M1 Ultra chip is two M1 Max chips joined together

Apple’s new M1 Ultra system-on-chip (SoC) stole the show at its event on March 9, coming with double the number of processor and graphics...

The little chip that could: Intel’s 4004 turns 50

Despite having been around for just 50 years, microprocessors have become the backbone of modern society, and their influence is only expected to increase...

CES 2020: Intel shows off Tiger Lake processors with ‘double-digit performance gains’ and new graphics

At the Intel CES 2020 conference on Jan. 6th, Intel gave a glimpse of its Tiger Lake processor, the next-gen processor that will succeed Ice Lake launched just last year.

Intel adds ‘Comet Lake’ CPUs to its 10th gen processor lineup

Intel's adds another 10th gen processor lineup

More side-channel vulnerabilities discovered in Intel CPUs

Dubbed Foreshadow and Foreshadow-NG, if exploited they can result in disclosure of information in the L1 data cache or protected memory of certain Intel processors

New Nvidia $3,500 graphics board not for gamers

World of Warcraft players not wanted. The Quadro FX5800's 240 graphic processor cores are strictly for serious financial modeling and medical imaging

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