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Canadian government contracts AI mapping company to help plan rural area networks

Toronto AI mapping company Ecopia has won an open-bidding contract with the Canadian government to provide map data for network deployment planning. Under the contract,...

Mobile mapping market grows on back of crowd-sourced data despite imperfections

Mobile mapping is a booming industry and vendors are encouraging volunteers to provide information to improve the accuracy of maps.

Parks Canada put remote wilderness on Google Street View one hike at a time

After three years of collaborating with Google on bringing Parks Canada spaces to Street View, three-quarters of the parks have been covered.

GIS-powered apps start with clean data

ESRI Canada dishes out advice on what makes a successful GIS-based app. Plus, the City of Toronto

Anti-crime video surveillance hits streets of Toronto

Toronto is joining the ranks of major cities such as New York, Chicago and Washington that are installing video surveillance to combat crime.

What is wrong with this?

Microsoft Corp. is in the news again for living up to the image that too many people have of the company.

Intel Corp.NetStructure 7110 eCommerce Accelerator

Intel boosts e-commerce with NetStructure 7110

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