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Microsoft unveils management road map

Microsoft this week showed it is starting to stitch together the first pieces of its ambitious plan to build a management platform, but a Windows-based utility computing environment is still years down the road.

Hitachi Data revamps high-end arrays

Hitachi Data Systems Corp. (HDS) Wednesday announced major upgrades to its two highest-end storage arrays, including software that allows the systems to mimic optical disks' write once, read many (WORM) capability. The changes are both an attempt to meet new regulatory requirements in the U.S. and compete with similar functionality offered by rival EMC Corp.

New contender for storage management

When thinking about enterprise storage, most people think of mainframes and large Unix systems. But storage software vendors are building a future for storage that takes into account a relative newcomer in the field, Linux.

NextPoint enhances app tracking

Version 2.0 of NextPoint Networks

NextPoint synthesizes network performance

Version 2.0 of NextPoint Networks's NextPoint S3 application and network management platform extends S3's capabilities to include...

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