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Tapping into wiring

If a network is only as good as the sum of its parts, then cabling may be the most unsung hero within the network infrastructure. It may not be very sexy technology, but cabling administration is a necessary component of any network installation.

Speed bump

With the recent ratification of the 10 gigabit Ethernet standard, the road is paved for service providers and enterprises to accelerate toward the higher-bandwidth Ethernet technology.

Visionary thinking

As packet-based infrastructures are deployed increasingly in corporate enterprises, the return on investment (RoI) argument for running data, voice and video over one network is becoming more apparent.

Bridging troubled waters

To assist SMEs with their IT planning in the face of economic uncertainty, CxO speaks with industry experts about what technology areas and business strategies should be foremost in the minds of SMEs next year

A hitchhiker

Convergence technology is now mature enough to be deployed for applications such as IP telephony, e-learning and video streaming, say industry experts. However, the economic slowdown has caused networking users to be frugal with their capital expenditures. Four vendors dominate the Canadian Convergence product market; discover what sets them apart and what they have to offer before spending your IT budget.

ASPs: The Next Wave

Patience is a virtue. Time and time again, the IT industry gives credence to this tired old adage. While early adopters struggle to exterminate the bugs in fresh-out-of-the-shrink-wrap applications and operating systems, fashionably late organizations sit back and wait for the dust to clear.nIn the case of the application service provider (ASP) market, organizations who have put off outsourcing applications until now will probably be glad they came late to the ASP party.

Ticket to ride

According to tech recruitment specialists, the time has never been better for network engineers and administrators

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