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VoIP rings in the new year

I really blew it last year when I wrote about networking in 2004. VoIP is finally the hot-button issue everyone had predicted it would be, and I didn't see it coming.

Collaboration changes focus

Assessing the future of any technology is difficult, but in the case of enterprise collaboration, it's made easier by the dramatic evolution of tools...

Collaboration improves with software

The transformation of ways in which people interact through and with computers may be as dramatic as the way the technology itself has developed.

Blade software needs sharpening

Mass production techniques revolutionized industry in the past two centuries, but when it comes to server configuration in the year 2003, the handcrafted approach of configuring boxes manually, one at a time, still predominates.

New contender for storage management

When thinking about enterprise storage, most people think of mainframes and large Unix systems. But storage software vendors are building a future for storage that takes into account a relative newcomer in the field, Linux.

Opinion: Root of the problem

I had more important things on my mind a couple of weeks ago when the DNS (Domain Name System) root servers were being attacked. I was sitting in my dentist's chair and missed the whole thing. When the attack was revealed the next day, I figured we got off easy.

eRoom facilitates the creation of a working collaborative environment

Collaboration implies sharing, whether it's a data file or just an opinion. That's what makes it so valuable: Everyone gets something in return.

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