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Scaling skills holding back start-ups

OPINION BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis is passionate about building up Canadian tech companies, which is why in September 2015  he gave Wilfrid Laurier University’s business...

How big data is helping managers become leaders

Big data may be able to help managers that are used to acting on their own hunches actually prove quantifiably what action must be taken.

When to use contractors and consultants, and when to train

While bringing in new skills and experience with the new technology you're implementing is a good thing, you can do too much of it

Engaging employees to drive the business. How IBM uses workforce science, analytics and collaboration tools to build its “Smarter Workforce”

What is much more illusive for many of us is how to unlock the true potential of our people. Learn how IBM is cultivating...

CIO: When everything is priority, nothing is

A 6-step plan to set priorities and expectations when everything is a priority.

It’s A Hybrid Cloud World – Are You Managing Your Hybrid State?

In this white paper, Forrester Consulting validates the assertion that cloud deployments call back to a company’s data centre and create a hybrid environment....

CIOs and CEOs: What does success look like from a leadership perspective?

How must the CIO and CEO relationship evolve to become more collaborative and mutually beneficial?

I D C T E C H N O L O G Y S P O T L I G...

Download this IDC white paper which explores why managing operations in a complex, heterogeneous environment will continue to present significant challenges for resource-strapped IT...

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