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The Demo: Mail Server can be accessed over Internet

This mail server claims to function like Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook and Exchange but at a lesser cost. Users can customize the look and feel of their user interface

Spam watch – U.S. heads the dirty dozen

A recent report by a British computer security firm has placed the United States at the top of its list of 12 spam-relaying countries. While Canada didn't make it on Sophos Plc.'s Dirty Dozen catalogue, one e-commerce expert says the country is far from being squeaky clean.

Spam Blacklist Question and Answer

Real-time blackhole lists (RBLs) have long been a mainstay in spam-blocking strategies. Although a combination of spam-blocking techniques is most effective, RBLs can heighten overall accuracy rates. However, due to the occasionally arbitrary nature of RBLs, they continue to be a subject of frustration for senders and recipients. In this Delta, we answer the most commonly asked questions about RBLs.

Wham, bam

Eradicating spam is never easy, and some may doubt it can ever be done. But that goal may be nearer than we think, thanks to a new spam technology dubbed PerfectMail

Deafaults ON, advertisements OFF

"Who'da thunk a firewall would be set by default to screen advertising?" - Stephen Mahaney, at My friend Jim dropped...

Company becomes culprit in ongoing spam attacks

Every year, it seems that companies gets more and more spam, and much of it is offensive. One company


Almost perfect

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