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Spam Blacklist Question and Answer

Real-time blackhole lists (RBLs) have long been a mainstay in spam-blocking strategies. Although a combination of spam-blocking techniques is most effective, RBLs can heighten overall accuracy rates. However, due to the occasionally arbitrary nature of RBLs, they continue to be a subject of frustration for senders and recipients. In this Delta, we answer the most commonly asked questions about RBLs.

Domino theories

After Domino 6, IBM will develop two more backward-compatible versions of Domino, thereby extending its life to the end of the decade. IBM will also release an alternative version of Domino based on DB2 and WebSphere in 2003. Although this new version of Domino portends the long-term future of the product, researchers at the META Group say expect this release to be incomplete and immature

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