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Creative ways to fight the talent wars

To improve job satisfaction, consider taking these steps, which will lay the foundation for aggressive recruiting and retention strategies when the talent wars return

Surveys: IT job satisfaction level plummets

Job issues, which cover all occupations, could cause multiple workplace ills, including declines in employee engagement, productivity and retention

Survey keeps tabs on IT jobs and salaries

A new IT World Canada salary survey pegs compensation for IT executives and staffers.

Computers can help enhance job satisfaction: Study

New Zealand researchers find that in general, ICT has a positive impact on work-life quality. But workers also said they feel more pressure

IT pros hunt for jobs

A recent online survey commissioned by IT World Canada revealed that despite 52 per cent of respondents saying they feel secure with their current job, 53 per cent are still searching, either actively or passively, for a new job within their respective companies or in another.

Is trouble brewing in IT land?

There may be more going on in your I.T. shop than you think. Our salary survey shows an unsettlingly high number of I.T. staff are not happy with their jobs and Are looking for a change. With the job market heating up, this may be a good time to get your I.T. house in order.

Workers value rapport with boss

A recent survey suggests getting along with the boss is more important than pay or benefits when it comes to happiness at work.

Respect is key to job satisfaction

Amid the rash of layoffs in the high-tech sector in the past year, Canadian high-tech workers say that respect

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