Articles Related to Java Community Process

Java politics brews conflicts between Oracle and JCP

The Apache Harmony license issue drags on as JCP Executive Committee members strive for independence from Oracle. What happened to a level playing field?

Google exec worries over ‘rudderless’ Java

The chief Google Java architect calls on Oracle to put Java back on track after years of technical and licensing disputes

What users want from Oracle’s Java Community Process

Java developers speak up: skeptics fear Oracle will continue a heavy-handed tradition, while some see open source efforts starting to sideline the JCP

BEA releases upgrade to portal server

BEA Systems Inc. announced the availability this week of WebLogic Portal 7.0, the latest version of its software for building corporate Web sites that provide access to a variety of applications and services for employees, customers and partners.


Sun Microsystems Inc.'s recent JavaOne Developer Conference in San Francisco featured applications from more than 350 companies,...

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