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Blockchain expert maps its security potential

The blockchain brought security to decentralized money transfer. Could its security benefits bolster other applications too?

The role of ITU critical to global innovation and sustainability

My hope is that the positive global potential and promise of ICT will continue to deliver.

Modernizing standards development

It is often difficult to keep track of the standards “inventory” and where they apply. ICT users and providers all have to challenge the status quo, make standards a higher priority and work closely to improve the process without losing its open, thoughtful and collaborative approach.

ITU 2015 stats confirm digital disruptive revolution

I am at the 2015 WSIS Forum in Geneva this week where the latest statistics were released confirming the digital revolution. In addition, I...

Houlin Zhao of the International Telecommunication Union talks about the future

Houlin Zhao, the new secretary general of International Telecommunication Union, talks about the ITU's goals and how it can help businesses

Cloud computing standards spotlight – ISO JTC1/SC38

Cloud computing is the hot topic in ICT these days, and it is no surprise that there are numerous standardization efforts ongoing in various...

Canada behind in ICT development

Canada is ranked 20th in overall ICT development for the third consecutive year by the International Telecommunications Union

ITU head urges moderation for next forum

In a prelude to what is expected to be the next international Internet fight, a working group is urged to consider the views of a wide range of stakeholders in their countries

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