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HP puts muscle into HP-UX

No downtime for VM migration, faster reboot are new capabilities

Intel ships next-generation Itanium chip

The long-delayed 64-bit processors are on their way, the company said in a blog, although an official announcement is expected shortly. However, an industry analyst it's better that a manufacturer gets a heavy-duty CPU right than put it out too early

Current data centre models aren’t sustainable, HP says

Research shows CIOs think their data centres are inefficient, inflexible, and will soon run out of capacity

HP clandestinely develops data warehouse

HP is stealthily developing a data warehousing appliance that will scale out to hundreds and processors and hundreds of terabytes of data

Secure64 builds DNS appliance with Itanium server

Secure64 Software Corp. has released software to turn an Itanium 2 server into a secure DNS (domain name service) appliance it says can handle 100,000 queries per second

Windows Server for supercomputers delayed

Microsoft Corp. has pushed back the release of a special version of Windows Server for high performance computing (HPC) until the first half of next year, the company announced this week. The Redmond, Washington, software maker needs more time to make the product easier to manage and deploy, a spokeswoman for Microsoft said.


The move marks the end for Itanium 2 in Windows-based workstations and comes after major hardware vendors abandoned the 64-bit chip for use in workstations.

Sun adds AMD Opteron to its HP Away program

Sun Microsystems Inc. is employing another tactic in its attempts to lure Hewlett-Packard Co. customers away from their RISC-based HP-UX servers.

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