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Hiring for tech jobs not easy, Canadian tech leaders claim

Technology jobs are a hot topic right now, with companies hiring more workers for tech jobs than for any other position; however, not all...

Canadian CIOs say they’re ready to hire, finally

IT hiring plans in Canada are looking brighter with most CIOs saying they plan to hire, or at least maintain headcount.

Top 5 technical skills wanted by Canadian CIOs

Those in IT looking for a job in the second half of 2017 may want to pay attention to these five technical skills. According to...

How to hire All-Stars and win in any business

You have great ideas, corporate funding, organizational alignment and the desire to propel your business forward at light speed, but do you have the right...

Microsoft launches pilot program to hire people with autism

People with autism bring "strengths" that Microsoft needs in the workplace, says Mary Ellen Smith, vice-president of worldwide operations for Microsoft

Why Canada has an 182,000 IT talent shortage while lots of tech professionals are out of work

Companies need to focus on the long-term and invest more time and resources in developing talent, says IT hiring expert

Outside-the-box IT hiring tips from Akamai’s CSO

Here's why it's sometimes best to forget about landing the perfect candidate

Churn happens

Employee turnover, or churn, is inevitable for a number of reasons

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