Kevin Pashuk

Kevin Pashuk
Kevin Pashuk blogs regularly about his life as a Chief Information Officer in the educational sector. His writings cover educational technology, IT leadership, and whatever else might be on his mind. Some people even agree with him.

What does the IT department really do?

At some point in your career, you will need explain the services that are provided by the IT department to those granting next year's budget dollar, in...

IT’s island mentality has got to go

"No man is an island unto himself, every man is a part of the whole." - John Donne

Sharpening the CIO saw

You are a smart person. You wouldn't have gotten to where you are without being smart. But I have news for you. Your brilliance gets...

Start innovation from the user

The businesses that thrive are those who have mastered the ability to identify a need and fulfill it

Churn happens

Employee turnover, or churn, is inevitable for a number of reasons

Homogeneous is good if it’s milk, bad if it’s innovation

We want to be the best. Who doesn't? If we just wanted to be good, no organization would need a strategic IT leader. They could just get by with...

Blowing up the IT department

IT needed to change. And this didn't upset me in the least-- in fact, I was thrilled

The single most important question CIOs need to answer

Hint: The things that worked a few short years ago aren’t sustainable anymore

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