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9 steps to control your cloud costs

Many organizations experience unanticipated costs when moving to the cloud. This article details nine steps you can take to control your cloud costs.

Keep your cloud migration costs from going off the rails

Managing the cost of cloud computing is an ongoing challenge. Here are the six mistakes that I&O leaders should be wary of, and the steps they can take to budget appropriately for cloud migrations

Why Canadian CIOs need to invest in digital

Gartner's 2018 CIO survey shows that Canadians are behind their counterparts in terms of innovation spending.

Never a better time to be a great CIO

“There’s never been a better time to be a great CIO or a worse time to be an average one.”

Canadian CIOs say they’re ready to hire, finally

IT hiring plans in Canada are looking brighter with most CIOs saying they plan to hire, or at least maintain headcount.

Use these 4 tools to manage rising software costs

It's easy for software costs to get out of control as the number of apps used by a company balloons. Don't let it happen to you.

Cloud expectations for 2017: reduce work and costs, improve customer satisfaction

If you look at survey results and what executives are saying about the cloud, it's clear that expectations are creeping sky high for this IT delivery model

CanadianCIO Census 2016 Mapping Out the Innovation Agenda

The role of the CIO is evolving. They are increasingly perceived as top level executives that are being asked to weigh-in at senior meetings...

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