Articles Related to IPv4

Japanese, E.U. carriers top 2013 IPv6 adoption

Some carriers doubled their IPv6 deployments over the course of six months in last year

24 million IPv4 addresses still available in Canada, US

Day of reckoning still looms but network operators will still be allocating IPv4 addresses for quite some time, says experts

The top six IPv6 security risks

IPv6 adoption may be slowly growing but some security concerns are still bothering many network engineers. Bugs in new codes, lack of support for...

North America to shift IPv4 address to Asia

ARIN is preparing to allow the sale of IPv4 addresses to Asia-Pacific countries, where the pool is drying up as the world shifts to IPv6

United States IPv6 plan called a ‘game changer’

Internet policy makers and industry leaders are hailing the Obama Administration's planto upgrade all federal Web sites and e-government services over the next two years to support IPv6

White House issues IPv6 directive

CIO Vivek Kundra has issued a directive requiring all U.S. government agencies to upgrade their public-facing Web sites and services by Sept. 30, 2012 to support IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol

No IPv4 black market yet says RIPE chief

The head of the European address registry doubts and underground market is developing now, but concedes it might when IPv4 addresses run out

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