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The vice that can squeeze IS departments

Executives want to trim the IT budget but the rest of the company always wants more spending. Here’s how a skillful CIO can respond

Is there a best certification?

There is no best tool for an undefined job. Nobody can rationally decide whether a hammer or a power drill is the "best tool" without specifying what job the tool is supposed to do. So it is with certifications

What A CIO Should Know: All CIO blogs at AllTop

Our monthly roundup of must-attend industry events, links, educational videos and other resources to help Canadian CIOs succeed. In this edition: A new online service that's aggregating senior IT executive opinions

New certification seeks governance excellence

An international association will begin offering certification that recognizes the ability to bring governance principles to the way information and information technology are managed. The certification aims for deep knowledge in strategic alignment, performance measurement, value delivery, and risk and resource management.

Stephen Harper welcomes MISA to fed fold

OTTAWA - Municipal governments are working together for the first time in a formally constituted organization aimed at enabling municipalities from all regions of Canada to improve service delivery to citizens.

More hard time for Brit cybercriminals

The British government has proposed sharply increasing penalties for computer crimes that are taking a financial toll on U.K. businesses.

Tomorrow could be ugly

So maybe you're not all that worried about the gloomsters and doomsters who fret that hackers and malware and spyware and the whole shebang threaten the very foundations of e-government and e-commerce. That's fine. But you may wish to note in passing that the folks at Microsoft are taking it seriously.

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