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Info-Tech, Forrester analysts slam Broadcom buy of VMware

The May 26 blockbuster US$69.1 billion purchase of VMware by Broadcom has unleashed a flurry of negative reaction, not only among enterprise customers, but...

Unsecured iPhones bad for business

The use of unsanctioned devices adds 'tremendous complexity' for IT managers, one analyst says.

Canadian IT ‘on demand’ market badly in need of a boost

The dust on the publicity around utility computing seems to have settled, and the industry is finding that the hype has yet to move to the realm of reality.

Innovation needs structure

Businesses that clutch on to arcane innovation practices are less likely to realize success than if they take an open, collaborative approach, according to senior IT industry analysts.

Internet hosting company buys SCO IP license for Linux

A Houston-based company has become the first to publicly acknowledge buying an intellectual property (IP) license for Linux from The SCO Group Inc. (SCO), the Utah-based company, which claims to be the rightful owner of Unix.

Rogers and Microsoft tag-team the enterprise

Microsoft Canada Co. and Rogers AT&T Wireless recently teamed up to bring new mobile services to business users, although one industry analysts says the duo faces an uphill battle for respect.


BCNET in December announced the successful completion of a record-breaking file transfer across Canada and the U.S....

Analysts see retailers turning to IT

Retailers are expected to make the most substantial investments in efficiency-oriented IT systems during 2002, according to industry analysts.

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