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SOA designers should look to Net

Enterprise architects need to think differently about how they

Flawed biometrics offers false sense of security

From Britain comes disturbing news that the country's politicians seek to introduce wide-scale ''biometric'' identity registration for its citizens.On Feb. 11 that nation's House of Commons passed in a 224-to-64 vote the Identity Cards Bill, which calls for the use of biometric identification cards and passports. The bill still has to clear the House of Lords, where critics say it will likely face stiff opposition, but if passed it's expected that biometric identification will go into effect by 2010 and that the documents will become compulsory for all British citizens by 2012. That could set a disturbing precedent for the rest of the world.

Q&A Michael Cowley

Michael Cowley is executive director of the British Columbia

Beyond Privacy

Citizens are demanding simpler access to services, executives are demanding operational efficiencies, and the intelligence community is rushing towards highly integrated data profiling

Flaw in Win2000, NT 4.0 makes domains

A flaw in the way Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 server operating systems authenticate users across domains could allow somebody with administrator privileges to extend that power to other domains, Microsoft has warned.

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