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HTML5, piano rolls and sex

With the official recommendation of HMTL5 now out come a history of how the latest version of the markup language came to be and why it's significant

HTML5 won

Flash can do things HTML cannot, said an Adobe exec. One Toronto Web designer expresses frustration over lack of Flash support in the iPhone and iPad

Group cries foul over Outlook

The E-mail Standards Project claims that using the Word engine to render HTML

Beefed up Firefox busts dangerous Web attack

No Script, a small application that integrates into Firefox, blocks scripts from executing on untrusted Web pages...

In security, less is more

Do we really need to expose ourselves to ever-increasing complexity? Also, all about 'identity placebos'

Microsoft introduces free and ‘friendly’ blog tool

A new desktop application from Microsoft Corp., now in beta, lets bloggers see the look of a blog posting before uploading it online.

JavaScript may follow Python lead

As it evolves, JavaScript will take its cues from the Python language, Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, said at The AJAX Experience conference. JavaScript is a lynchpin of the popular AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology for Web development.

PDF creature still haunts NZ government sites

A number of government agency Web sites are still not fully compliant with accessibility guidelines and are unlikely to be so until at least the latter half of this year, but the New Zealand State Services Commission is already revising its guidelines.n

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