Articles Related to HPC

New Nvidia server built to accelerate AI, HPC, Omniverse workloads

Santa Clara, Calif.-based graphics and AI chip maker Nvidia Corp. introduced a number of new offerings this week at one of the world’s largest...

Ottawa unveils $430 million supercomputer for weather forecasts

The new supercomputer is billed as the government's fastest and will help with more accurate weather forecasts relied upon for critical functions.

Breakthrough research with Databiology and IBM Spectrum Computing

Life science and healthcare companies today find the management and processing of omics big data increasingly complex and resource intensive. This is due to...

HPE targets high performance enterprise computing with updates to its software-defined platform 

The vendor announces updated high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, including Apollo server upgrades, CAE software and a software-defined platform

AMD and Nvidia release high-performance GPUs

The demand for graphical processing units for HPC applications is growing and AMD has apparently decided to capitalize on it

The shifting sands of unstructured data

The technology that can find meaning in unstructured data can take two very different forms

Oracle ends open-source HPC Project

IT WORLD CANADA CURATED: The code base for Oracle's Fortress programming language product will still remain open source, however

Amazon unveils cluster computing service for HPC apps

Amazon said it can provide the same performance as custom-built infrastructure with pay-as-you-go pricing with Cluster Compute Instances for its EC2 service

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