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Hashtag Trending Feb.14- Layoffs hamper innovation, AI cloning technology shows President Biden read transphobic text and data brokers selling mental health records

Layoffs killing innovation, AI-cloning technology that shows President Biden reading transphobic text and data brokers selling your mental health data – cheap.   It’s Tuesday, February...

Azure NetApp files become HIPAA compliant

By 2025, healthcare will have surpassed the media and entertainment sector when it comes to data created, making a recent announcement from NetApp a significant one.

Infoblox predicts what will happen on your network

Infoblox has released a reporting and visualization product that uses analytics to predict when you'll run out of address capacity. It can also provide useful insights into suspicious network activity that could lead to cybersecurity incidents

Cavoukian fires back at Durham Health report criticism

Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian takes issue with security vendor Websense

Embedded with a data leak audit team

A data leak team discovers more than 700 leaks of critical information, such as Social Security numbers, pricing, financial information and other sensitive data and 11,000 other potential leaks at a Boston-based pharmaceutical firm

Government regs taxing on storage resources

Complying with government regulations is taking an increasing toll on IT storage budgets and resources, analysts say.

Net execs hope to spend despite tight purse strings

Talk about a good news-bad news proposition: corporations are planning to spend money on oft-postponed network projects this year but they'll only spend a little more than they did last year.

Health care CIOs: Not ready for paperless hospitals

CIOs from hospitals large and small remain reluctant to deploy paperless medical record and computer physician-order entry (CPOE) systems, despite a 2-year-old push by 90 major U.S. employers for adoption of such systems to help eliminate medical errors.

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