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Data of about 26,000 patients may have been copied from Toronto hospital group

Group says "unusual firewall activity" was first detected in June, after which a threat actor was removed from two applications

Breaking news: Ransomware, compromised credentials were behind Newfoundland heathcare attack

The 2021 ransomware attack that temporarily crippled the Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare system started with an attacker getting into the VPN of a provincial...

Create more hours in a day with robotic process automation

There’s a new wave in robotic process automation. The robots have moved from the back office to the front office to automate almost anything...

Global healthcare sector ranks security programs on par with other industries

[Sponsored] Cisco’s 2021 Security Outcomes Study surveyed 4800 active IT, security and privacy professionals from around the world to find out which security practices are working best.

Ban fax machines in healthcare as part of digital transformation, says expert

COVID pandemic has jumpstarted moves to digital technologies. An Identity North debates what's needed next

COVID-19 accelerates telehealth adoption

The meteoric growth in telehealth adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic is a case study in how a crisis can trigger overcoming barriers to the...

Canada has taken down over 1,500 coronavirus-related scam sites

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and its partners are going after sites aimed at Canadians that spread malware and fraud. Also, how heath care institutes are coping with COVID

Canadian wireless providers asked to carry COVID-19 advice texts from WHO

International Telecommunications Union is asking carriers to carry advice from the World Health Organization. However a Canadian telecom consultant says they should only carry advice from sources here

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