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The Fairmont Hotel checks in a green IT strategy

The chain's new IT strategy proves green IT isn

High prices hamper iPhone 3G sales in India

The country adds 8 million mobile users a month, but they are slow to buy the latest Apple handset. One reason is the lack of 3G networks. But the US$715 price for the base model is putting off even long-time users of Apple products

When do ISP notifications become too intrusive?

As Rogers conducts trials of instant updates to its subscribers, industry watchers are complaining the company would be violating net neutrality principles by modifying Web content. The founder of People for Internet Responsibility speaks out

Intel releases quad-core Tigerton processor

With rival AMD's Barcelona expected in less than a week, the company launches a chip designed for high-end servers running four or more CPUs. Get an update on the product roadmap

Firing Conway costs PeopleSoft US$3.2M

Firing Craig Conway will cost PeopleSoft Inc. at least US$3.2 million, a payment for salary and bonuses Conway would have earned over the next two years, the company said Monday in a regulatory filing describing its separation agreement with its former CEO.

PeopleSoft announces layoffs, new product lines

After acquiring J.D. Edwards on July 18 for US$1.7 billion, PeopleSoft Inc. on Thursday unveiled a strategy that bolsters the companies

PeopleSoft to unveil new portal

PeopleSoft Inc. on Monday will announce the next generation of its portal offering that will include support for Web services and an intelligent context mechanism designed to link user behavior to business processes.

CA outlines plans for Platinum

Computer Associates International's roadmap for the products it gained in the recent acquisition of Platinum Technology Inc....

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