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Intel launches Arc Pro A-series workstation graphics solutions

Intel launched three Arc Pro workstation graphics solutions, the A40, A50, and A30M, at SIGGRAPH 2022 on Aug. 9. These new solutions are based on...

Intel releases Arc discrete mobile graphics

Intel’s first dedicated mobile GPU is finally here. On March 30, the company released its first dedicated mobile graphics solution based on its Xe...

Intel’s announces ‘Alchemist’ consumer graphics

Intel is looking to take on Nvidia and AMD in the gaming GPU market.

AMD releases high-performance APUs for gamers and 3D V-Cache technology

AMD announces the release date of its new gaming APUs for small system builders and shows off a new technology that triples the L3 cache.

AMD releases Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card

The card will be available on March 18 for US$479.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 series ‘Big Navi’ graphics cards overview

Hey, listen! AMD's 'Big Nav' graphics cards have arrived. How will they fare against Nvidia?

CES 2020: AMD’s new 64-core Threadripper processor, new graphics card, and Ryzen 4000 processor

AMD revealed new processor and graphics solutions at CES 2020.

Chrome jumps into hardware speed-up game

Google plays catch-up with Microsoft, Mozilla on browser hardware acceleration. The company will shift some Chrome browser tasks from the PC's main processor to its graphics processor

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