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Peering into the 2015 crystal ball – the clouds will reign

Will cloud computing be able to live up to the lofty expectations with the current suite of products and the maturity of the various competitors

Find a government service with eContact – Rescuing the lost citizen

A typical Canadian cannot easily find a desired government service at any level, and gets lost trying. Service Canada, the Public Sector Service Delivery Council and the Government of New Brunswick are all involved in an emerging project - a global, common-language inventory of services - that might finally give directions to the Lost Citizen.

Ontario saves millions through IT integration

By integrating information technology (IT) initiatives the Ontario government has not dramatically only improved efficiency, it has also generated huge cost savings. According to a Ministry of Finance release, Ontario has already saved $100 million from the consolidation of IT services and applications.

Taking care of business

Results drive research. That was the message from the research committee of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) at this year’s Lac...

CGI, Microsoft target municipalities

IT services firm CGI Group Inc. and Microsoft Canada Co. recently announced the creation of a "joint gBIZ go-to-market strategy" aimed at aiding Canadian municipalities to apply a framework designed to help them surmount the hurdles they face when participating in electronic service delivery (ESD).

What happens if Government On-line goes offline?

Columns are born in mysterious ways. This one, for example, is about e-government (surprise), but its roots lie in a conversation about last month

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