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What happens if Government On-line goes offline?

Columns are born in mysterious ways. This one, for example, is about e-government (surprise), but its roots lie in a conversation about last month

Measuring Success

There's not much to argue with in those oft-quoted lines from Prime Minister Jean Chretien. At the very least, they give the stamp of authority to the federal government's challenging exercise in e-government. They can be -- and are -- quoted by politicians and by managers across the government to establish a target for measuring the success of a key element of the government

E-xporting e-lections

How can electronic innovation make the electoral process more effective - and what is Canada

Can Homegrown e-Gov Be Exported?

We'll begin this time out with a combined advisory and plea for forgiveness: We'll be treading familiar ground in much of what follows. We will, however, wind up someplace which is a good deal less familiar -- arguing that e-Government affords Canadians an unparalleled

Where’s the community in .com?

There's no longer much doubt about the rush toward e-government. It's got the attention of e-everybody e-everywhere in the public policy arena, and it promises to remain "hot" for some time.   For the IT professional, whether in or outside government, one would assume that the rush to the wired world can only be good news. 

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