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Making IT cool again

We're supposed to be building a knowledge economy. How do we attract young people to enrol in computer science programs?

Trotting out the Golden Gobblers

Welcome to the Gibbs Institute

Behold the Digital Dark Ages

How ironic that the most ubiquitous of information technologies, ubiquitynonce being seen as a mark of a really successful system or product, hasnbrought this ruin to our door.

Microsoft framework designed to justify tech investments

With businesses demanding that good ideas be backed up with hard numbers, IT executives are looking for methods to help them quantify and measure the value of their IT investments.

Should privacy technologies be built in?

While most attendees of the Computers, Freedom and Privacy (CFP) conference in San Francisco this week agreed that more needs to be done to protect consumers' privacy against the onslaught of rapidly advancing technologies that track, store and share sensitive data, how that privacy should be guarded remained a subject of fiery discussion.

Geeky books for fun reading

Logging Off recently flipped through some of the tech-related books that have crossed its desk in the last few weeks. Here's our take on some of the more quirky geek literature out there for your perusal.

Adobe GoLive 5.0

Adobe GoLive 5.0 Catches Up to Dreamweaver

Memoirs of a booth-bunny-for-a-day

Now that I have your attention, let me be the first to admit that I'm not really...

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