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Skype launches Skype Connect for businesses

Former Skype for SIP exits beta, supports Web-integrated calling, free inbound corporate calls. The service is geared at enterprises

Use OpenDNS to protect your business network

The service lets you block offensive domains to protect your self from lawsuits, and with a few minutes time, can be used to change the default settings on your modem. Watch our video on DNS security

Women is off and running with its custom-made .NET CMS, using it to expand their growing number of women's portals.

HP snags US Army deal worth $5 billion

Despite a boardroom scandal that seems to deepen every day, Hewlett-Packard Co. has won new contracts this week, including one that could be worth US$5 billion over the next 10 years.

First alpha release of Firefox 2.0 soon

Developers at the Mozilla Foundation are readying the first alpha version of the Firefox 2 open-source browser, and could release it as early as Tuesday. The release includes a new "Places" feature intended to make it easier to find and return to recently visited Web pages.

Indigo sticks out its Web services neck

Middleware has long been responsible for transferring data between incompatible applications, but enterprises will soon be able to use Web services and open standards to accomplish the task.

Nonstandard tweaks no problem for Wi-Fi Alliance

Wireless LAN products with proprietary extensions won't lose the official Wi-Fi badge, even if those extensions interfere with other Wi-Fi branded products, the Wi-Fi Alliance has admitted.

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