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.Net gets thumbs-up, Ruby on Rails thumbs-down

An Evans Data survey asks developers about ease of use and other attributes, but Rails founder David Heinemeier Hansson pans the findings

Half of developers to work on SaaS in ’09

SaaS is not just a trend. Enterprises are widely beginning to grasp the benefits of the software-as-a-service model over traditional on-premise software, according to a recent survey by the Evans Data Corp

MySQL targets enterprise users

Open source database provider MySQL AB is going after enterprise users with the release of its newest version of database software which the company released on Monday.

Database developers see Internet as critical

The Internet remains critical for companies accessing and collecting commercial information and dominates the plans of businesses seeking new and improved methods for tapping their mission-critical data, according to a survey of database developers carried out recently by market research company Evans Data Corp.

Survey: China

A survey of 700 developers in mainland China revealed that while the Windows operating system dominates the country

Finance, health sectors attract database breaches

Database software developers in the banking and finance industries reported more security breaches than database developers in

Software developers set sights on the Web

Although the Web has had its fair share of hits and misses, the software developer industry still considers the Internet a prime applications target, according to a recent survey conducted by Santa Cruz, Calif.-based research firm Evans Data Corp.

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