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Five Ways to Ensure Encryption is More Effective and Manageable

Encrypting data on laptops, notebooks and tablet computers is now widely accepted as a best practice for any organization. Indeed, it is an obligation...

6 steps to Internet privacy on Google

Worried that Google might be snooping on you? There's no need to drop Google apps. Instead, bone up on your privacy rights and take advantage of privacy controls that Google offers

Why you shouldn’t use Windows’ built-in encryption tool

Windows' Encryption Files System might make sense for some office environments, but the NTFS-based Microsoft encryption tool can give others access to your sensitive data

British retailer ordered to encrypt all laptop hard drives

After the theft of a laptop with personal information on 26,000 employees, British retailer Marks & Spencer has been given two months to encrypt all its notbeook hard drives.

Voltage unveils SecureFile encryption tool

The software is available as a managed service and secures the contents of documents as they travel to and from business partners.

Failure to encrypt data leads to U.K. criticism

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming -- who has a background in IT and data security -- said one of the biggest problems with the HMRC breach was that data was merely password-protected

TJX theft highlights need for firm plan

The exposure of 45.7 million credit and debit card numbers in the TJX data theft should serve as a wakeup call to retailers who risk losing money and credibility when they fail to protect sensitive customer data, say officials at the PCI Security Standards Council

Crypto-ready tapes launched

Sun Microsystems Inc. and IBM Corp. have both introduced data tape encryption technology, protecting against a security breach that can endanger or embarrass an enterprise.

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