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‘Tesco in a box’ spearheads U.K. grocery giant’s U.S. push

A 'model for international business,' it's a complete IT system with all the core building blocks and matching processes.

U.K. legal payments Web site closed over glitches

The collapse of Legal Services Commission Online comes as the commission is already struggling to keep solicitors working on legal aid cases, sources say

U.K. politicians want to criminalize data leaks

Tougher criminal penalties for data security breaches are being urged by a committee of MPs as incidents where the government or contractors have lost people's personal data continue to come to light.

U.K. seeks to criminalize data loss

The Justice committee calls for new reporting requirements forcing companies to report theft of information and new laws around significant security breaches

UK firms ignoring ERP, statistics show

Of 8,000 businesses surveyed, only 6.5 per cent were using enterprise resource planning systems in 2006

Government lacks IT procurement skills, according to report

The U.K. Office of Government Commerce has warned that government departments are increasingly dependent on outside consultants to fill procurement skills gaps, with the tendency being particularly pronounced in IT.

Failure to encrypt data leads to U.K. criticism

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming -- who has a background in IT and data security -- said one of the biggest problems with the HMRC breach was that data was merely password-protected

U.K. government defends security of ID cards scheme

The U.K government has come to the defence of the security measures for their UK $5.6 billion ID cards scheme as the result of the data loss crisis at the U.K government's HM Revenue and Customs.

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