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Online voting technical issue delays local election results across Ontario

A glitch with an online voting system has delayed the results for many of Monday’s province-wide local elections and forced a number of municipalities...

Electronic voting in France increases counting errors

A new study finds greater discrepancies in French polling stations with electronic voting systems than those using traditional paper ballots.

Interview with Aviel Rubin, e-voting activist and professor of computer science

Johns Hopkins University professor of computer science Aviel "Avi" Rubin talks with Computerworld about the recent U.S. presidential primary election cycle and his thoughts on e-voting going into the November elections.

E-voting grows without consensus

State and local election officials, looking to meet federal voting regulations, are buying electronic voting gear despite a lack of best practices guidance and money.

RSA : Crypto stars sound off on e-voting, DRM

A panel of distinguished cryptographers at the RSA Conference in San Francisco weighed in on a variety of hot button issues, including electronic voting and rights management for digital media.

Virtual voting comes of age

The Town of Markham in southern Ontario has spent $25,000 in hopes that it will be able to attract an additional 25 per cent of the voting population in November

Researchers: Electronic voting machines security risk

Computer-science researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Rice University are heaping criticism on electronic voting machines built by Diebold Election Systems, based on software code for the machine said to have been posted publicly to the Internet by an activist.

On-line voting not a major priority

Canadians were unenthusiastic about exercising their right to vote during the last federal election, with only 63 per cent of voters participating. So Elections Canada asked itself, would Internet voting encourage those slackers?

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