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Pirate Bay co-founder to run for EU parliament

Peter Sunde's eight-month prison sentence for illegal distribution of copyrighted digital content not seen as hindrance to his candidacy

Europe to consult public on net neutrality

The European Commission wants to hear from people on carrier transparency, switching and Internet traffic management. It might learn from Canadarnrn

EU dumps on rumours on Canadian treaty

An official denies that the treaty being negotiated will be a back-door for provisions affecting Internet service providers in an agreement that was defeated last week

Microsoft-backed groups praise EU’s antitrust ultimatum

Threat to Google over alleged anti-competitive practices draws pleasure from groups supporting one of the search engine's determined competitors

EU takes action on Hungary’s poor data protection

Commission worries the country's new consitution doesn't guarantee the independence of the data protection authorityrn

SAP extends Sybase offer, awaits EU approval

The US$5.8 billion bid will now expire on July 16 as SAP waits for the green light from the European Commission. It was originally set for July 1

Europe extends antiterrorist data-sharing deal with US

Europe extended a controversial program on Monday that hands over information on international financial transactions to the U.S. for antiterrorism purposes.

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