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‘A lot of the value of AI is related to the fact that they hallucinate’, says OpenAI’s CEO at Dreamforce

OpenAI’s chief executive officer (CEO) Sam Altman delved into the promises, challenges, and trust in AI, yesterday, in a conversation with Salesforce’s CEO and...

Salesforce deepens partnership with AWS

Salesforce has expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable customers to build custom artificial intelligence (AI) models using Amazon SageMaker, AWS’s...

Salesforce upgrades with voice everywhere and a single source of truth

At its annual user conference, Dreamforce, Salesforce unveiled what it calls the Holy Grail of CRM: Customer 360 Truth, a set of data and identity services.

Salesforce kicks off Dreamforce with 6 ‘code-free’ DIY platform tools

Salesforce intends to bring developer-level capabilities to more of its users with a series of code-free 'drag-and-drop' tools to build digital experiences.

Thunder, Lightning & the cloud: Dreamforce 2015 photo recap

Dreamforce is the annual mega-conference that is held annually in San Francisco, also where the company is headquartered. Organizers estimate a record 160,000...

Microsoft – Salesforce partnership delivers new features in Office, Outlook

At Dreamforce in San Francisco, and Microsoft made clear how they plan to pursue their partnerships with a series of integrations that will be coming out in the latter half of 2016.

Salesforce unveils IoT Cloud at Dreamforce

Described as a "real-time event processing engine," Salesforce has also branded the underlying technology that can ingest data from connected devices as Thunder

What CIOs should be running instead of an IT department

DREAMFORCE 2014 is now referring to itself as "the customer success platform." Not a bad model for IT leaders to follow

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