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Micron’s uMCP5 with LPDDR5 is ready for mass production

Micron's tiny storage and DRAM combo can bring higher performance while saving space and power.

Samsung 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM enters mass production

Samsung’s 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM packages have entered mass production, the company announced yesterday.

Researchers warn of another DRAM vulnerability

Google researchers have created two proof of concept exploits that take advantage of the so-called rowhammer bit-flip problem found in newer memory chips

DRAM sales for PCs in decline

A smaller percentage of DRAM sold for PCs hasn't been seen since 1980s, according to analyst firm

The top 10 products of the past 40 years

Forty years: Thousands of IT products. Many of them made a huge difference for technology professionals, and they're fondly remembered. But only a few truly transformed IT - and how IT people, users and businesses did their work. Here are 10 IT products that changed everything.

Samsung to launch fastest RAM

Samsung Corp. is set to introduce the world's fastest memory for multimedia applications. The company claimed that workstations and servers using its 256MB XDR DRAM would cut through applications faster than existing RAM. It said that XDR (eXtreme Data Rate) memory is ten times faster than DDR 400 memory and five times faster than RDRAM (PC800).

Risk assessment secures the enterprise

Without risk businesses can

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